Marie Bober

Chief Compliance Officer/Senior Counsel

Archean Capital Partners, Crossbeam Venture Partners, Freeport Financial Partners, Gracie Asset Management, GrayFin Strategy, Moelis Asset Catalyst, Moelis Asset Management, Steele Creek Investment Management, Third Crest Capital

Marie Bober is the CCO and Senior Counsel at Moelis Asset Management and assists with legal and compliance throughout Moelis Asset’s subsidiaries.  She also serves as the Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary for Steele Creek Capital Corporation and Chief Compliance Office for Gracie Asset Management. Marie previously was Associate Counsel in Compliance at Moelis & Company, Moelis Asset’s broker-dealer affiliate. Prior to Moelis & Company, she advised Gracie Asset Management, a registered investment adviser and a current subsidiary of Moelis Asset. Marie began her career in private practice specializing in corporate and transactional matters. Marie holds a B.A. in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University, a M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University and a J.D. from Northeastern University School of Law.