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Alex Koundourakis

Head Credit Trader; Management Committee Member

Gracie Asset Management

Mr. Koundourakis serves as Head of Credit Trading and member of Gracie Asset Management’s Management Committee. Prior to joining Gracie Asset Management in 2005, Mr. Koundourakis was a Managing Director, Founding Member and Execution Trader at Calyon/CLCM. Prior to joining Calyon/CLCM in 2002, Mr. Koundourakis was Vice President of integrated credit sales at Merrill Lynch. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch in 2001, Mr. Koundourakis was a senior broker and Global Head of the Credit Derivative Business at Cantor Fitzgerald from 1995 to 2001. Mr. Koundourakis holds a B.A. in Political Science from Western Maryland College.